Monday, April 13, 2009

bueller, anyone?

First of all, I'm wondering if anyone ever reads this silly thing. The effectiveness of blogs is certainly debatable ... for sure. I suppose if I posted some extremely valuable information... a lot more people would visit / comment, etc. Well, if you do stumble onto this posting, feel free to let me know that you read it...

anyway, things going well here at Reelife World Headquarters. Got some new work floating in and the horizon is visible. keep on rockin...


Thursday, April 2, 2009

beehives and hula hoops

editing some 50's film footage today. some great archival travel
stuff- niagra falls, downtown buffalo, factories, Christmas time, fun

getting the new film transfer & editing branch of Reelife off to a
real wizbang of a start! looking forward to getting a whole bunch of
cassettes to transfer to mp3s in a week. there's obviously a big
calling for this type of service- and I'm diggin' the new work comin'
through Reelife's door.


Tom Adams, Director/Owner