Wednesday, April 27, 2011

PHISH • All My Plastic Melon Dreams - Phunder STILL needed for documentary in progress

Reelife Productions' owner Tom Adams, is STILL hoping to produce this independent documentary "some day"...

Adams, sits comfortably in his western Massachusetts office/edit suite crowded with film ephemera & tokens of his production career scattered about, "I hate to think of this as just another producer's "Pipe Dream". I am still looking for the right financial backer that would allow me to produce an official trailer for the film. The plan is that this trailer would convince Phish's Red Light Management to allow me continue with the production (which would also need another round of major funding). I just can't accomplish all that I want to accomplish with this film, if I'm producing other videos at the same time. I need to dedicate a full year to the production, and without the funding, my kids would have to wear burlap bags to school.

This is obviously a huge undertaking and it's going to take a group of rich hippies that really want to see this film get made :)...If anyone knows any rich old hippies, please send them my way."

The video playlist below shows a few samples of the interviews and the test trailers.

for more information about this film please visit the ALL MY PLASTIC MELON DREAMS website
for more information about Reelife Productions, please visit

Crestwood For Sale • owner opens up buyer search to the world via youtube videos

Owner Gary O'Neal would very much like to pass this proporty on to someone who can preserve and grow this beautiful estate to it's fullest he is branching out and extending his real estate buyer search to includeTHE WORLD!

Another example of how video can communicate your message to an enormous audience for a very reasonable production cost. Below is a playlist of the five different language videos Reelife produced.

to find out more about Crestwood, please visit Crestwood's website

to find out more about Reelife, please visit Reelife

Neil Young at The Wang Theater, Boston 4/20/11 PLAYLIST 7 songs

Reelife managed to get some very fine HD video of the man himself performing some very beautiful music....some of the best of his career in my humble opinion...

Neil is like fine wine...

Monday, April 11, 2011

2011 Meltdown- The River's Family Music & Book Fest Playlist (6 performers)

Reelife is proud to present these 6 performances from yet another great "Meltdown". So much talent and energy flowing through the air...

Monday, April 4, 2011

CRD Metalworks Woodbine Firewood Processors are selling like hotcakes

I'm always happy to hear that a video Reelife has produced has helped communicate a business or organization's message, or educated the public, entertained the masses, etc...

So, I am very, very pleased to see that the 10+ videos I have produced for CRD Metalworks over the past 4 years or so, have helped propel their business by leaps and bounds. It seems these guys are cranking out a new model, adding to their already large production line... every few months or so. Here's the latest version of their "Rapido Loco Jr." Pretty amazing machine, I must say. Glad to be working on such cool projects...

CRD Metalworks Woodbine Firewood Processors are selling like Hotcakes