Monday, July 29, 2013

"Edges": Folktography by Tom's first ever self-published photo book now available to the public

The 22 page book is titled "Edges" because I think edges are cool & there are lots of different kinds of them... both physical and metaphysical, of course.

"Edges" is available for $27. If you'd like to buy one,
please click HERE

example: pages 3 & 4 of the book (in design layout form)

The photos are displayed in an exquisite, compact 5"x7" rigid portfolio book and printed on top notch, durable, water-resistant, fancy Silver Halide paper…
beautifully crafted to last for years with non-fading, brilliant photo prints. 

The book will undoubtedly bring you many moments of visual stimulation and enjoyment. I am very proud of this collection of photographs and I hope you will help spread the word about this, my first photo book publication.

example: pages 15 & 16 of the book (in design layout form)
example: pages 7 & 8 of the book (in design layout form)

"Edges" is available for $27. If you'd like to buy one,

please click HERE
It takes 8-10 days to arrive on your doorstep. 

Thank you!


Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Folktography by Tom debut photobook soon to be available to the public

Here we see pages 15 & 16 of the photo-book shown below (in layout mode)
that is almost complete and ready to go public. 

Photographer Tom (Adams) explains his reasoning behind the title and the subject matter that inspired hime to make this book: "The $27 twenty page book is titled "Edges" because I think edges are cool & there's lots of different kinds of them... both physical and metaphysical."

 ... so stay tuned to the internets... the book will be available for purchase in the very near future...

You can find out more about FolktographybyTom by going to:
pages 15 & 16 of Folktography by Tom's debut public release...
~ The photobook entilted "Edges" ~

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Press Release: Williamsburg's Angel Park Summer Music Series 5th year: local talent from around the globe

Press Release: July 2013
• Summer-long music series, Thursday nights, 6pm, July & August
• Showcasing the great talent that resides in and around The Pioneer Valley AND the beautiful grounds of Williamsburg's Quiet Reflections Garden
   • This year's FREE series is SPONSORED by the fine folks at FLORENCE SAVINGS BANK and is produced by Reelife Productions.

Williamsburg's Angel Park Music Series Coordinator, Tom Adams, reports that this years'  music series is packed with some really fine talent from throughout the valley with genres that stretch around the globe. "We may be a small little town but the music comes to us from all corners of the world, notably Sana Ndiaye who will be playing the ancient "ekonting" (African banjo) on August 22nd. Of course, the park itself is a beautiful place to relax and see the performers do their thing, thanks to the hard work of Nicholas Dines, Donna Baldwin and other volunteers in town. We also are very lucky to have the sponsorship of Florence Saving Bank who make it financially possible to bring in such fine performers. Doug (Baker), is a really great guy who has been very helpful and supportive over the years"

The music series is a great companion to the Burgy Farmers Market that happens every Thursday right up until when the concert starts at 6pm. Adams notes "It's such a perfect combination...head to the Farmer's Market for your fresh farm products and then stroll over to Angel Park to listen to some great music with family and friends. It's what summer's all about! We're also rounding off this summer with a special kids-show with Tom Knight Puppetry act. Some folks had asked for programming for the kids and I'm sure Tom will deliver the goods with his entertaining puppetry and musical performance."

To find out more about the series, please visit and "like" us on facebook. You can also see two nice photo galleries dedicated to the park HERE

So, mark your calendars & please help spread the word. We'll see you at Angel Park! The schedule for this year is:


Acoustic Brew is a group of fellas who love makin' music together. They describe their music as Brewgrass - a bluegrass-infused blend of original compositions, traditional songs, and old school country and blues; generously seasoned with covers of classic tunes from bands like the Grateful Dead, Rolling Stones, Neil Young, Bob Dylan, The Band, Fred Eaglesmith and more. Earl Scruggs meets Phish at Merle Haggards barn.

Moonshine Holler can only be described as "a two person music festival that captures the essence of American southern roots music." Featuring Appalachian ballads, blues and breakdowns on more musical instruments than they can juggle - fiddle, banjo, guitar, Hawaiian guitar, harmonica and ukulele - the duet has performed across the country and abroad.

07/25 Robin O'Herin, Andy Cohen & Andy Taylor
ROBIN OHERIN "I closed my eyes and thought I was in the Mississippi Delta"—fan at recent concert. 2009 Telluride Blues Challenge Finalist, Robin O'Herin, specializes in historically rich, often interactive concerts that include original and traditional American music, for small listening rooms, libraries, festivals and  schools. Her concerts are warm, affirming experiences she shares with the audience. Let her take you on a journey of musical exploration through the Delta and Piedmont regions of the South. Song selections may include Robert Johnson, Blind Willie Johnson and Robin's own original blues and fingerstyle ballads. ANDY COHEN- 2012 Lifetime Achievement Recipient, Andy Cohen sings the songs of that the folk tradition of this country was built upon, with a special focus on piedmont and ragtime blues. A former student of Rev. Gary Davis, he takes the Old Guys' music seriously, like it was Art Music, which it is. ANDY TAYLOR
Delta blues harp, delivered with the heart and intensity of a true bluesman!

08/01 Dave Watson • Andrew Lawrence • Shawn Mansfield
Old Time Country Rambling Tunes that harken back to the early days of Hank Williams, Doc Watson & John Prine... back when people were still hoppin’ on trains and tossin the ole rucksack over their shoulders...

08/08 Eva Capelli
Admittedly a late bloomer at 59, Cappelli’s star has risen on the local music scene in the past few years with her mellifluous voice, easy charm and devoted fans whose demographics don’t fit neatly into any A & R person’s marketing plan. After decades of deferring her musical ambitions to raise children, suffer through disastrous marriages, and toil in soul-sucking jobs, she’s rebounded like a cool Terminator mom that all the neighborhood kids wish was theirs. Late last year she released her third CD, Bits and Bobs, a hodge-podge of all the musical genres that have informed her journey as a singer and musician. She’s everywhere on a given day, hosting open mics or headlining gigs in tiny joints throughout the Valley. Her knowledge of musical idioms is solid as evidenced in her records — competent and confident jaunts through country, blues, and folk, mix it up with detours into jazz, world, Latin and even prog rock.

old school bluegrass with a modern twist

08/22 Sana Ndiaye
Born in Senegal in the village of Djembering (and current resident of Williamsburg!) He first played the ekonting as a small boy, following the tradition of the Jola people. An ancient and extremely rare three-stringed gourd instrument, the ekonting (which looks like a large banjo) is virtually extinct in Senegal. It sound is so soothing that historically it was used to bring peace to the villagers in times of unrest. While in Dakar, Sana met up with the early members of Gokh-Bi System (Neighborhood System), who were looking to expand their hip-hop group with traditional instruments. They soon became one of the most well known African hip-hop groups in the U.S., sharing the stage with a number of notable performers including Damian Marley, The Last Poets, Angelique Kidjo, Culture, Toots and the Maytals and Michael Franti. While he remains a working member of Gokh-Bi System and continues to tour with them to spread the message of peace, love and justice, he is also currently working on solo projects highlighting the beautiful music of the ekonting and traditional vocals

08/29 Tom Knight Puppetry - >>SPECIAL END OF THE SUMMER KID’S SHOW <<
Tom Knight has been writing and performing for kids since 1988. Formerly based in Ithaca, New York, he now makes his home in the Northampton area of Western Massachusetts. Tom brings his portable stage and hand-made puppets to schools, libraries, theaters and festivals throughout the Northeast, including Boston, Worcester, Northampton, Ithaca, Syracuse and Rochester.
Tom Knight Puppets is a vibrant collection of original songs and skits, each 3-5 minutes long, with variety enough to keep even the very youngest children waiting to see what will happen next.

Tom Adams
Angel Park Music Series Coordinator
Using Media to Educate, Entertain & Enlighten since 1996
• Cool Media Production...Not Boring or Dumb *

413) 575-9707 • Williamsburg, MA