Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A melancholy song for the holiday season by Emma Marie Henderson - "Crying in the Car"

Emma is a very talented 11 year old from Southampton, MA She has a wonderful energy and talent that just won't quit.

This song was a bit tricky for us because it was quite a departure from her cutesy (but awesome) "I Love My Mom" video and the lighthearted (but great) other stuff  ... but I'm really happy with the resulting "feel" of this "crying in the Car:" video. In fact, we're entering it in the upcoming Telly and Webby Awards. 

I'd love to hear your thoughts on the video...especially because it's a sort of different kind of music video with a young singer/actress and the song itself is "quirky" too. I'd love to hear your constructive criticisms or general comments, etc.  Thanks and enjoy.

When it Rains It Pours

I asked my facebook friends if there is a better phrase that sums up the extra flow of work ...something a little more positive...but "when it rains it pours" will have to do for now...

I'd love to just sit here and type and type and type about all the great work that has come my way in the last few week...but alas, I actually need to be working on them right now...so, I'll have to (try to) be brief.

I am honored to have worked with Bob Cilman & the Young at Heart Chorus and the great technical crew that has been with the chorus for almost ten years now. They really are quite a professional team that deserves all the accolades & press  they've received (not to mention the documentary that was produced:). I produced two videos that are going to be incorporated into the upcoming trip to New Zealand. Pink Floyd's  "Wish You Were Here" (some really touching stuff) and the 90's rap-ish hit "How Bizarre"(some very funny stuff). I wish I was going to New Zealand with them but...not happein, this time around. I look forward to working with Bob and the whole crew again ... sometime down the road.

I'm also working on editing a three camera shoot that I did for the CT River Watershed Council. Some great performers and a wonderful night of folk music.

Also, helping Gary O'Neal sell his "Crestwood" property in Southern NH. It's a beautiful estate that really deserves to be cared for and purchased by the right owner. I'm producing a video that is being marketed to Russian, Korean, Japanese, French & Mexican real estate shoppers. Quite a project with 6 translations - all goin to youtube with subtitles. Looking forward to Gary's Holiday Party coming up soon...in mid December.

Here's a list of other current projects:
• Rick's Place promo video
• Monte's March - The Movie
• Damon Reeves - Live at The Iron Horse

Which reminds me, I have to stop typing and get back to work...

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