Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Dave Hayes The Weather Nut's 2015 Photo/Haiku Calendar -exclusively featuring photos by Folktography by Tom

Friday, November 14, 2014

Jonathan A. Wright Poetry Reading- After The Rain

Jonathan A. Wright Poetry Reading from Reelife Productions on Vimeo.

NEW VIDEO RELEASE from Reelife Productions World Headquarters: Bear Hill Estates: a Fifty-Five Plus Living Community, Northampton, MA

Monday, May 5, 2014

I'm editing a trailer of the Neil Young Acoustic Solo Performance at Carnegie Hall, 1/7/14...

Monday, March 10, 2014

Monte's Cancer Connection Campout live stream

... if we are live - you'll see live video in the window below
- if not, you can go to http://www.ustream.tv/channel/reelife-productions
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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Help make the Neil Young Carnegie Hall crowdsourced concert film available to the public again??

For those who are following this story....

I am wholeheartedly pursuing making the Neil Young Carnegie Hall crowdsourced concert film available to the public. I've contacted Lookout Management and am "waiting to have a discussion" about the best way to make this happen...(I know, I know...don't hold my breathe)

I've also tried reaching out to as many people that I know to be "within the circle" but,...
If anyone has direct contact with Elliot Roberts and/or Neil ... um, please get in touch & help give things a little nudge... 


excerpt from my email to Elliot:
"...Most importantly, I meant no disrespect whatsoever in creating this film - on the contrary, I made it specifically as a tribute to my musical & lifelong hero and only wanted to share Neil's incredible, historic performance at this magnificent venue. Also, as a close follower of copyright laws and today's online sharing practices, I am well aware of the controversial nature of such videos BUT I see this as a great way for The Lookout Mgmnt & Neil's team to embrace the new world of digital sharing and crowd-sourcing and this would be the perfect way to embrace it, create a new approach and benefit from a positive twist to this whole situation.

I'd also point out that many other national, well established acts have embraced crowd-sourced videos as a new revenue source and a way to connect with their ever-changing fans…and actually have been doing it for almost a decade now (2006 Wired Article: Look Who's Crowdsourcing)"

Crowd-sourcing related links:
NIN: http://returnon.wordpress.com/2010/01/07/maddingcrowd/

Beasties Awesome: I F—in' Shot That!: http://youtu.be/QwyDBN50ffA

Radiohead: http://www.theguardian.com/music/2010/sep/09/click-to-download-radiohead-crowd-film

Outlisten: http://www.wired.com/underwire/2012/01/outlisten-crowdsourced-concert-videos/



from the Toronto Star:
"...the best live recording we’ve heard in ages is a stunning crowd-sourced concert film of the second show of Neil Young’s four-night stand at Carnegie Hall this month. Compiled by an outfit called Reelife Productions, the almost two-hour patchwork is stitched together entirely from illicitly shot fan videos. It presents the music from the fan’s perspective and, in the process, manages to make a virtue out of the inherently artificial act of preserving a fleeting moment in time."
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Monday, February 3, 2014

Hey Hey, My My: How can I convince Neil Young to make my crowd sourced Carnegie Hall concert film available to the public again??

Will I be able to convince Neil's manager Elliot Roberts and/or Warner Music Group to make my Neil Young crowd sourced Carnegie Hall concert film available to the public again??

Listen to the interview with famed WRSI radio show host Monte Belmonte:

By the way, I completely understand the complexities of copyright issues and know that I am pushing the envelope and have been punished for it… understandably so ... according to traditional copyright laws… but here's My response to Warner Music Group upon having the video pulled...

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"Piracy is the new radio" Neil Young quote/article

Friday, January 31, 2014

Director's response to Warner Music Group's removal of Neil Young atCarnegie Hall Video

… If anyone in Warner Music Group is reading this ...

While Warner Music Group certainly has the legal right to remove the video I produced, I am frustrated that no one from the company contacted me directly. Sure, I'm just a small fish in a gigantic pond, but I obviously touched on a nerve here. I simply received a standard email from youtube noting the copyright infringement.

I see the viral nature of this video as an opportunity for Warner Music Group to make a progressive move towards a more modern way of dealing with fan-produced media. I wish they would have seen this as a chance to take a leading role in the rapidly changing world of online media distribution… especially when dealing with one of the world's most respected and prolific entertainers who, after 40+ years of performing, still has an amazingly solid connection with his fans.

I wish they would have considered an alternative way to preserve and present this magical event to Neil Young's fans instead of just removing it. So if anyone out there in Warner Brothers-land is reading this, I'm all ears and just a click away

-Tom Adams
Director/Owner Reelife Documentary Productions

Original interview with The Village Voice:
The Village Voice Article "Behind the Infamous Neil Young Carnegie Hall Concert Taping"

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Neil on piracy:

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Reelife Productions' director Tom Adams interview in the Village Voice

Thanks to Hilary Hughes... for the nice and lengthy, accurate and thorough article in the Village Voice!…about the Neil Young Carnegie Hall crowd-sourced concert at I put together...

and to quote the man himself...
"Don't want no cash
Don't need no money
Ain't got no stash
This note's for you."

EXCERPT: "When Tom Adams brought his camera to Neil Young's performance at Carnegie Hall earlier this month, he didn't capture it on an iPhone or a piece of machinery that's worth more than three months' rent. He grabbed a camera before he left the house, double-checked to make sure the batteries were charged, and brought it along with him knowing full well that he might not be able to bring it into the venue. He did, and he didn't spend the show--Young's first at the storied concert hall in 41 years--becoming the flash-popping enemy of the people sitting next to him. He put the camera on the floor, trained its lens to shoot in between the bannisters in the railing before him, and hit record. And he wasn't alone…"


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Friday, January 24, 2014

Reelife Productions' Tom Adams makes the WALL STREET JOURNAL!

Link to Actual Article

full article text from The Wall Street Journal:
A Historic Neil Young Concert, Captured by a Crowd- 
Cobbling together a Carnegie Hall show for online–with some help
Jan. 23, 2014 5:59 p.m. ET

On Jan. 7, Tom Adams went to see a Neil Young concert at Carnegie Hall by himself. It wasn't until days later that he made a connection with a group of other fans who attended. Like him, they had all secretly videotaped the solo acoustic performance, part of a four-night stand by Mr. Young, in his first return to the famed New York venue since 1973.

On Tuesday, Mr. Adams uploaded to YouTube a video of the entire two-hour show, which he had stitched together from footage captured by fellow concertgoers seated around the theater. Most of the video was shot by Mr. Adams, a video producer from Williamsburg, Mass., on a compact Canon camera perched on the railing in front of his $150 mezzanine seat (102, Row AA). All the videos were edited to match a single audio recording made at the concert, which Mr. Adams downloaded from an anonymous source on an online-sharing site.

With most everyone who goes to a concert now packing at least a camera phone, more fans are taking the next step to pool their shots and produce so-called crowdsourced concert videos. Though the legality of most of these projects is murky, some emerge with at least tacit approval from the bands. In 2006, the Beastie Boys helped popularize the concept by handing out cameras to audience members, with the resulting concert film released in theaters. A few years later, Radiohead fans cobbled together their scenes of a show in Prague, which was enhanced by a high-quality audio recording supplied by the band. And Nine Inch Nails devotees have slavishly produced multiple collaborative videos of their own.

Mr. Young views video recording as a scourge of the concert experience. "We find this sort of practice to be incredibly rude toward both the audience and the artist," says Elliot Roberts, the singer's longtime manager. Mr. Adams says he's sensitive to how disruptive hoisted phones and glowing screens can be, and that he's careful not to annoy other fans with his camerawork.

The main reason Mr. Adams sought out other people's footage was that there were holes in his own. During Mr. Young's delicate cover of the Phil Ochs song "Changes," he recalls, "I got a little too adventurous with the camera and one of the ushers came over and told me to put it away." After that, he positioned the camera more discretely on the floor, aimed through railing slats.

At home, he found fan-made videos of songs he was missing or wanted to supplement, then sent the users messages through YouTube asking their permission to borrow them. Then he wove the various clips into his own with editing software, making do with some glitches. During an anecdote by Mr. Young about a guitar with a bullet hole in it, the image is blurry and an on-screen message reads, "Stay tuned...video will return shortly."

Mr. Adams, 44 years old, says sharing the video with fans who couldn't attend the sold-out concerts (which some critics predicted will go down as a landmark in Mr. Young's career), takes him back to his pre-Internet days of trading cassette tapes of the singer's concerts by mail with like-minded fans.

To avoid raising the ire of Mr. Young's camp or coming across as "a creep doing this for financial gain," Mr. Adams prefaced the video with a note encouraging viewers to purchase the singer's official releases. He said he has already declined several email offers from people seeking to buy the video for bootleg concert DVDs.

Article by John Jurgensen at john.jurgensen@wsj.com

oh and here's the full 2hr concert film that all the hubbub is about - grab some popcorn and your favorite beverage: 
Neil Young • Carnegie Hall, Solo Acoustic • 1/7/14 - FULL SHOW - crowd sourced concert film 

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Reelife's Crowd Sourced Concert Film of Neil Young at Carnegie Hall 1/7/14 - Hitting the big time!

This has been a whole lotta' fun watching this concert film that I shot and edited with the help of some additional, incredible video and audio that I "found on the internet"… getting so much love...

I spoke with reporter John Jurgensen from The Wall Street Journal yesterday about crowd-sourced videos and the current state of online streaming, etc. and today I see that Slate has posted an article, and yesterday Steve Silberman from Wired shared the video… it's really fun to see the gospel of Neil being spread so far and wide.

Here's the Slate post

…and, well of course, none of this would be happening if Neil's performance wasn't so absolutely stunning in the first place...

So, here's the 2hr concert film… grab some popcorn and your beverage of choice… and enjoy!