Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Neil Young & Crazy Horse - Winterlong.

This, my Reelife friends, is one heck of a song. It has always been right up there in my top ten. All the stuff I like about Neil Young (and I like Neil Young A LOT..as some of you well know...just ask my 8 yr old son, Neil:). It's got the jingle, it's got the jangle, neil's has his whiney-high-pitch-green-acres-ey voice on..the guitars are all out of tune but perfectly so, the drums are poorly recorded and perfectly so... everything just fits so sloppily together..it's like my basement organization method, really.

Also, I thought it'd be especially appropriate to add this video to the Reelife Blog since it's a bloggy kinda day...as we get socked with another beautiful bounty of winter.

Ok, enough yammering..here's one of my favorite neil tunes from the 'recently' released early 70's Fillmore show with all of the original Crazy Horse members (including Mr. Danny Whitten -who would die from a heroin overdosed just a short while after).