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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The CRD Metalworks Woodbine "Rapido Loco" Firewood Processor (InfoVideo)

Watch how this baby chops right through the wood ...
I love this product...

Friday, October 23, 2009

Good shoot & looking forward

to whoever is reading this. (Does anyone read this?)

Today's shoot at the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy went very well.
Jeff Chapman oversaw the production and it was great to see him again.
Quick checkin with Dennis Robinson and Semida- always good to see.
I'll be editing the footage and sending timecoded DVD to Jeff in
Arizona by end of next week.

Hope to be speaking with Ann Laroyer, editor of Lincoln's "Land Lines"
magazine. I'd like the opportunity to provide photography (
) for their very fine publication. always a new opportunity to get my
photos out there.

Tomorrow is a shoot for the Central
NE Chapter MS Society in Framingham.

Next week will bring more editing: Woodbine Firewood Processor (
) & minidocumentary promo

Reelife - full steam ahead!


Tom Adams
(from iPhone)
(413) 575-9707
Director, Editor, Videographer•
High quality photography prints & products•

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Paul Tiny Stacy: Stupa Blessing- Deerfield, MA

drove by this yesterday... reminded of the little ditty I made a few
yrs ago


Tom Adams
(from iPhone)
(413) 575-9707

Reelife's "Dancing in Noho" video display, Northampton, MA, "Scene & Unseen" exhibit.

10/23: Three Hundred Fifty

Al Gore

Dear Friends,

On October 24th ordinary citizens will come together in a series of events, rallies, demonstrations and public art projects all designed to do one thing: bring awareness to an important number -- 350 parts per million of carbon dioxide.

During the last two years, the scientific community has made very clear that it's the maximum safe level for carbon in the atmosphere, at least if we want to have a planet "similar to the one on which civilization developed and to which life on Earth is adapted."

In more than 130 countries, people are organizing thousands of actions that will take those three digits and sear them into the planet's consciousness.

Visit and find an event near you.

On the melting slopes of Mt. Everest, Pemba Dorje Sherpa, who holds the record for the fastest ascent of the world's highest peak, will be spreading banners and signs.

On the dying coral reefs of the Maldives, the government's entire cabinet will don scuba gear and hold an official underwater meeting to pass a 350 resolution to send to the Copenhagen summit.

On the shores of the fast-drying Dead Sea, Israeli activists will form a giant human "3" on their beach, Palestinians a "5" on theirs, and Jordanians a "0" - reminding us we need to unite on this vital issue.

Visit and find an event near you.

Thank you,

Al Gore

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Friday, October 9, 2009

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Loungehouse- Safeway Joy Ride

get yer rawks off break: Loungehouse- Safeway Joy Ride

PRESS RELEASE> Ashuelot NH Flood: Mini-Documentary in Progress


For Immediate Release

"Disaster on the River- The story of The Ashuelot, NH Paper Service Limited Mill"

Mini-Documentary Production in Progress

Producer: Reelife Documentary Productions


On Columbus Day weekend, 2005, Ashuelot, NH, The Paper Service Limited mill was ravaged and destroyed when heavy rains breached a nearby dam. Instantly, a century of family history was washed down the river. Today, there are many issues of fault and negligence that have yet to be resolved. Reelife Documentary Productions of Williamsburg, MA is producing a mini-documentary that will explore the details of  the flood and investigate the current state of the mill through interviews with mill owner Gary O'Neal and other members of the Ashuelot community. The documentary will use archival footage from NH Public TV Channel 11, WMUR Channel 9- Manchester NH and WFCR Pubic Radio- Amherst MA. Photos from the Cheshire County and Winchester Historical Society will also be included, along with those of private collections. Tom Adams, Director of Reelife Documentary Productions is also seeking photos, video, digital images and eye witness accounts of anyone who witnessed the destruction of the mill. He is hoping anyone with anything to contribute will step forward to share their story.

Adams finds this story particularly intriguing because of his own town's flood history. In 1874, Williamsburg, MA was a bustling mill town that  suffered a similar calamitous industrial disaster. A huge, poorly constructed reservoir burst, demolishing many mills, businesses and homes, and sweeping away 139 lives along the course of the Mill River. The Ashuelot, NH Paper Services Mill site dates to 1850 when it was a saw mill powered by the Fuller Dam. In 1883 Christmas papers were produced in Ashuelot, NH and in 1884, a long term relationship was established with S. S. Pierce in Boston. Blocks of 1000 sheets of 5x7 cabinet tissue were shipped all over the Americas by Rail Road Express. During WWI Jerry Packs were made and shipped to the troops for use in fox holes. The mill changed with the times and rag paper gave way to recycled tissue. Hydropower then gave way to coal which, in turn, was replaced oil. The biggest change came with the 1970's Green Revolution and the mill adapted it's operation to include green energy and alternative operation methods. The mill has long been recognized by the EPA as a model for its anti-pollution efforts. Unfortunately, due to the amount of damage caused by the flood, the mill can not be rebuilt and the owner has now filed for bankruptcy. The mini-documentary will do its part to preserve the legacy of The O'Neal family business as well as a part of New Hampshire's Paper Mill history.

To contribute to this documentary, please contact Gary O'Neal: Paper Service Limited, Box 45, Hinsdale, NH 03451, or Tom Adams:, (413) 575-9707, Williamsburg, MA,



Tom Adams
(413) 575-9707
Williamsburg, MA

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Thursday, October 1, 2009

PRESS RELEASE: Local producer's video selected for Northampton Arts Council's juried exhibit "LANDSCAPE: Scene and Unseen"

Local Producer's Video selected for Northampton Arts Council's juried exhibit "LANDSCAPE: Scene and Unseen"
Reelife Documentary Productions' video "Dancing in Noho" was recently accepted into the Northampton Arts Council's juried exhibit "LANDSCAPE: Scene and Unseen". Reelife's Director/Owner Tom Adams describes his piece as "A chance encounter...I was strolling through downtown Northampton on a beautiful summer's eve and I stumbled onto one of the many surreal events that make "Noho" so special....this amazingly vibrant and romantic scene at the steps of the First Church. So, I couldn't resist getting out the ole camera and putting this little vignette together. Northampton is such a funky city... surprises keep popping up all over the place....and that's the reason I've lived in this area for almost 20 years now." The response from area artists was impressive, with over 80 entries received, making the jury process a challenge. The jurors were delighted with the quality, variety and integrity of the submissions and selected works from 24 artists.The show begins Friday, October 2nd and runs through the end of the month at the Hosmer Gallery of Forbes Library, Northampton, MA. A reception is scheduled during Northampton's Arts Night Out on Friday, October 9 from 5:00pm-7:00pm.  To find out more about Mr. Adams' work, visit or