Saturday, February 15, 2014

Help make the Neil Young Carnegie Hall crowdsourced concert film available to the public again??

For those who are following this story....

I am wholeheartedly pursuing making the Neil Young Carnegie Hall crowdsourced concert film available to the public. I've contacted Lookout Management and am "waiting to have a discussion" about the best way to make this happen...(I know, I know...don't hold my breathe)

I've also tried reaching out to as many people that I know to be "within the circle" but,...
If anyone has direct contact with Elliot Roberts and/or Neil ... um, please get in touch & help give things a little nudge... 


excerpt from my email to Elliot:
"...Most importantly, I meant no disrespect whatsoever in creating this film - on the contrary, I made it specifically as a tribute to my musical & lifelong hero and only wanted to share Neil's incredible, historic performance at this magnificent venue. Also, as a close follower of copyright laws and today's online sharing practices, I am well aware of the controversial nature of such videos BUT I see this as a great way for The Lookout Mgmnt & Neil's team to embrace the new world of digital sharing and crowd-sourcing and this would be the perfect way to embrace it, create a new approach and benefit from a positive twist to this whole situation.

I'd also point out that many other national, well established acts have embraced crowd-sourced videos as a new revenue source and a way to connect with their ever-changing fans…and actually have been doing it for almost a decade now (2006 Wired Article: Look Who's Crowdsourcing)"

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from the Toronto Star:
"...the best live recording we’ve heard in ages is a stunning crowd-sourced concert film of the second show of Neil Young’s four-night stand at Carnegie Hall this month. Compiled by an outfit called Reelife Productions, the almost two-hour patchwork is stitched together entirely from illicitly shot fan videos. It presents the music from the fan’s perspective and, in the process, manages to make a virtue out of the inherently artificial act of preserving a fleeting moment in time."
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Monday, February 3, 2014

Hey Hey, My My: How can I convince Neil Young to make my crowd sourced Carnegie Hall concert film available to the public again??

Will I be able to convince Neil's manager Elliot Roberts and/or Warner Music Group to make my Neil Young crowd sourced Carnegie Hall concert film available to the public again??

Listen to the interview with famed WRSI radio show host Monte Belmonte:

By the way, I completely understand the complexities of copyright issues and know that I am pushing the envelope and have been punished for it… understandably so ... according to traditional copyright laws… but here's My response to Warner Music Group upon having the video pulled...

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