Tuesday, June 28, 2011

EXCLUSIVE Reelife Production: Jeff Tweedy Wilco video teaser

drumroll please...here's the brand new EXCLUSIVE video teaser produced by Reelife Productions: Monte's WRSI - 93.9 The River "Breakfast with Wilco" Interview. 

Monte gets the SCOOP directly from Jeff Tweedy, regarding Wilco's new album title. Reelife is editing the entire interview and working on a more comprehensive montage of all the events that went down at The Solid Sound Festival, Mass MoCA last weekend

Williamsburg's Angel Park Summer Music Series to start its 3rd year of performances

June 28, 2011

• Summer-long music series, Thursday nights, 7pm, July & August
• Showcasing the great talent that resides in and around The Pioneer Valley AND the beautiful grounds of Williamsburg's Quiet Reflections Garden
• This year's FREE series is SPONSORED by the fine folks at FLORENCE SAVINGS BANK and Produced by Reelife Productions.

The first performance on Thursday July 7th will feature:
Pat & Tex LaMountain, www.patandtex.com
Pat & Tex LaMountain have been singing, writing, performing and harmonizing together for over 30 years. Performances have included festivals, clubs, coffeehouses, community concerts, radio, television documentaries and films.

followed by:
7/14 Charles Neville www.charlesnevillesite.com 
7/21 Appalachian Still (Trio) www.appalachianstill.com
7/28 Ray Mason www.RayMason.com
8/4  Dennis Caraher www.radioboymusic.com
8/11 Eric Alan www.theerikalan.com
8/25 The Suitcase Junket http://www.makingwhatiwant.com

The series coordinator, Tom Adams, says "I'm really happy with the lineup this year. There's no shortage of great talent around the Pioneer Valley but to be able to gather these fine musicians for the people in town...for them to enjoy the music & relax in such a beautiful setting... it's a real pleasure for me."

The word is spreading about this little musical/garden nook that has been created & maintained by the hard work of Nick Dines, Donna Baldwin and the Angel Park Cmte and this year, the numbers should continue to grow, espcially with the addition of Burgy's new Thursday Market. It's such a perfect combination...head to the Farmer's Market for your fresh farm products and then stroll over to Angel Park to listen to some great music. It's what summer's all about!

To find out more about the series, please visit www.angelparkmusic.info and "like" us on facebook 
You can also see two nice photo galleries dedicated to the park here

Thanks for helping to spread the word and we'll see you at Angel Park!


Tom Adams

Angel Park Music Series Coordinator

Reelife Productions & Folktography by Tom

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

PHISH • All My Plastic Melon Dreams - Phunder STILL needed for documentary in progress

Reelife Productions' owner Tom Adams, is STILL hoping to produce this independent documentary "some day"...

Adams, sits comfortably in his western Massachusetts office/edit suite crowded with film ephemera & tokens of his production career scattered about, "I hate to think of this as just another producer's "Pipe Dream". I am still looking for the right financial backer that would allow me to produce an official trailer for the film. The plan is that this trailer would convince Phish's Red Light Management to allow me continue with the production (which would also need another round of major funding). I just can't accomplish all that I want to accomplish with this film, if I'm producing other videos at the same time. I need to dedicate a full year to the production, and without the funding, my kids would have to wear burlap bags to school.

This is obviously a huge undertaking and it's going to take a group of rich hippies that really want to see this film get made :)...If anyone knows any rich old hippies, please send them my way."

The video playlist below shows a few samples of the interviews and the test trailers.

for more information about this film please visit the ALL MY PLASTIC MELON DREAMS website
for more information about Reelife Productions, please visit www.ReelifeProductions.com

Crestwood For Sale • owner opens up buyer search to the world via youtube videos

Owner Gary O'Neal would very much like to pass this proporty on to someone who can preserve and grow this beautiful estate to it's fullest potential...so he is branching out and extending his real estate buyer search to includeTHE WORLD!

Another example of how video can communicate your message to an enormous audience for a very reasonable production cost. Below is a playlist of the five different language videos Reelife produced.

to find out more about Crestwood, please visit Crestwood's website

to find out more about Reelife, please visit Reelife

Neil Young at The Wang Theater, Boston 4/20/11 PLAYLIST 7 songs

Reelife managed to get some very fine HD video of the man himself performing some very beautiful music....some of the best of his career in my humble opinion...

Neil is like fine wine...

Monday, April 11, 2011

2011 Meltdown- The River's Family Music & Book Fest Playlist (6 performers)

Reelife is proud to present these 6 performances from yet another great "Meltdown". So much talent and energy flowing through the air...

Monday, April 4, 2011

CRD Metalworks Woodbine Firewood Processors are selling like hotcakes

I'm always happy to hear that a video Reelife has produced has helped communicate a business or organization's message, or educated the public, entertained the masses, etc...

So, I am very, very pleased to see that the 10+ videos I have produced for CRD Metalworks over the past 4 years or so, have helped propel their business by leaps and bounds. It seems these guys are cranking out a new model, adding to their already large production line... every few months or so. Here's the latest version of their "Rapido Loco Jr." Pretty amazing machine, I must say. Glad to be working on such cool projects...

CRD Metalworks Woodbine Firewood Processors are selling like Hotcakes

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Madison J. Cripps & his ghoulish puppets

a little freakiness added to Reelife's canon of work:

Madison J. Cripps does some amazing stuff with his ghoulish puppet-erring and I was happy to have caught his act back in 2007 at the Pushkin Gallery, Greenfield, MA. Madison is down in North Carolina now, continuing to advance his craftsmanship and enhancing his show with some very cool new tricks. Check him out when he comes to your town...

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Folktography • a Reelife off-shoot

Hi out there in blog-land. just wanted to share my photography site with you all. I'm really enjoying the ability to easily upload high quality images to this site...and the great shopping cart purchasing options. They also have an amazing little iphone app that helps out a whole bunch.

For all of you photographers who are looking for a way to get your photos off of your hard drive and into the public eye... I would highly recommend Zenfolio's hosting services....it's really a great site and I'm finally able to get people interested in my photography...because they can SEE my photos. It's a real joy to be able to share the zilliuons of photos I've taken over the past twenty years or so.

Wanna see for yourself? -  click on the image above, you'll be taken directly to Folktography's site. Thanks for stopping by and enjoy!

Carter Notch, New Hampshire White MountainsWinter Hike 2008

Working on the 2011 trip video...but in the meantime, here's our excursion up to "the whites" in 2008. Wish we had the bright blue skies for this year's trip. Oh well, there's always next year :) emjoy.

The Williamsburg Flood Chorus singing May 16, 1874

A hauntingly beautiful homage to those who lost their lives in the Williamsburg Flood of 1874

Crestwood - Ashuelot, New Hampshire • BEAUTIFUL ESTATE FOR SALE

Do you know anyone that wants to buy one of the most beautiful plots of land and surrounding acreage in New England? send them this video link or get in touch with
owner Gary O'Neal- (gary "at" paperservice.com)

Bike MS: Cape Cod Getaway Jun 25 & 26, 2011; three-min video

If you're able, I would highly suggest signing up for this awesome ride. A great cause, a great time.

video shot and edited by Reelife Productions. Ride on....

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Neil Young & Crazy Horse - Winterlong.

This, my Reelife friends, is one heck of a song. It has always been right up there in my top ten. All the stuff I like about Neil Young (and I like Neil Young A LOT..as some of you well know...just ask my 8 yr old son, Neil:). It's got the jingle, it's got the jangle, neil's has his whiney-high-pitch-green-acres-ey voice on..the guitars are all out of tune but perfectly so, the drums are poorly recorded and perfectly so... everything just fits so sloppily together..it's like my basement organization method, really.

Also, I thought it'd be especially appropriate to add this video to the Reelife Blog since it's a bloggy kinda day...as we get socked with another beautiful bounty of winter.

Ok, enough yammering..here's one of my favorite neil tunes from the 'recently' released early 70's Fillmore show with all of the original Crazy Horse members (including Mr. Danny Whitten -who would die from a heroin overdosed just a short while after).


Monday, January 31, 2011

Rick's Place, Inc.

I'm real happy with the way this came out. This is a good example of a production that Reelife can produce after a couple of weeks of work, good collaboration with the client and participants and a few minor revisions. I'm very happy to be able to provide productions services for organizations such as Rick's Place. So many good people doing such great work.

Friday, January 21, 2011

pink floyd.two suns in the sunset.

A great example of all the great videos there are out there on good ole youtube. and the song...oh, the song...don't get me started. I could listen to this song for the rest of my life on a loop and never get tired of it. thank you Roger.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Higher Ground • The Story of One of NH's last Paper Mills ... Trailer (v1)

A modern day tale about reclaiming our past... Documentray-in-Progress, Produced by Reelife..... there is much more to the story...more to be told about the people, the families, the towns and the lives that have been affected by the decline of industry in this once bustling New Hampshire town and towns like it across the Untied States.