Thursday, March 4, 2010

My Cinematic Heros at the Coolidge Corner Theater

Very lucky to have had the opportunity to attend this show...

The video below is little ditty I edited together to summarize a remarkable night at the Coolidge Corner Theater (Brookline, MA, USA) that include Jonathan Demme, Robyn Hitchcock, Declan Quinn, Neil Young... all on the same stage (well, sort of)

all as a tribute to another of my cinematic heros: LA Johnson

Attention NEIL YOUNG TRUNK SHOW ticketholders: bring your video cameras to the screening! Robyn Hitchcock will be performing live before the show, and Jonathan Demme will give the audience a mini-master class on how to shoot a performance film!

This evening highlights Jonathan Demme's gift for directing extraordinary performance films. A generous and creative collaborator, he continues to share his enthusiasm for his favorite artists by bringing us into the performance in an original way.


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