Friday, March 2, 2012

The Fish with a Polka Dot Dress

Here's a little story produced by Reelife about a fish, some trash, some kids and a wonderful collaboration between the CT River Watershed Council and a bunch of other people who are trying to help save our rivers :)

If you don't know about them, The Connecticut River Watershed Council is a fabulous organization that advocates for the entire, four-state Connecticut River watershed. They work tirelessly to protect water—the river, its tributaries, lakes, fish; and the land, plants, and creatures connected to that water in order to keep them safe now, and for future generations. Their annual Source to Sea Cleanup, which in 2011 drew 1500 volunteers from 66 groups, is helping to make the rivers, streams and banks that make up the vast Connecticut River system cleaner and safer for the people who enjoy them and lifeforms that inhabit them.

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