Friday, August 17, 2012

For (diehard) Neil Young Fans only: A Palace in the Gravy • The Very Best & Worst of Neil Young (Radio Show) - reposted

I was really glad to have the opportunity to put this baby together (for a radio show called "Turn it up til 11") sponsored by a great local music store in Northampton Mass, called Turn It Up! Kind of like my dream mixed-tape that I actually got play on the radio..and now the internets. I'm planning on doing a follow up ...someday.

This 1hr 38 minute radio show originally aired February 14, 2010 on WRSI 93.9 (, Northampton, MA. I produced the show for WRSI's "Turn it up to 11" - sponsored by Turn It Up Records in Northampton, MA.

Keep on Rockin' in the Free World!

Saddle Up the Palomino                  
- talk -
Surfer Joe & Moe the Sleeze          
Computer Cowboy                          
Hey Hey                                          
- talk -
Without Rings                                
Heavy Love                                    
I've Been Waiting for You              
This Town                                      
- talk -
Fontaine Bleu                              
The World On a String                
Ode to Wild Bill #2                  
Cripple Creek Ferry
- talk -
Piece of Crap        
Revolution Blues    
Country Home        
It's A Dream                      
- talk -
Country Girl                      
River of Pride aka White Line (outtake)
- talk -
rainin in my heart                  
midnight on the Bay              
captain kennedy                  
home on the range              
- talk -
through my sails

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