Thursday, November 12, 2015

latest production from the desk of Reelife Productions hdqtrs: Lorna Ritz Artists Workshop promo

Drawing by Lorna Ritz.

I have been neglectful of the dear old Reelife Blog ...fortunately, because I've been so darn busy producing a wide variety of programming for a really wide variety of clients over the last six months or so...check out Reelife's facebook page for all the details and more... 

However, I'm super happy to share this latest production from the desk of +Reelife Productions headquarters in Williamsburg, MA:

An Artist Worksop promo for the wonderfully, creative and warm and calming artist +Lorna Ritz. It's been a real pleasure getting to know her and finding out about her approach to all things-art and visiting with her and her friend Greg, who is offering this new studio space in Pelham, MA.

Well, time to get back to editing more fun stuff....but please watch and share and spread the good word about this workshop offering...I'm sure the artists who sign up for this workshop will be very happy with Lorna's offerings and the fine space that Greg is providing... It's really a great opportunity to learn from a true artist and professional in the field...

Lorna Ritz Artist Workshop Promo from Reelife Productions on Vimeo.
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