Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Keeping Busy Reelife Style

Well, just when I thought the recession monster got his gnarly claws
on the Reelife machine, it turns out the "gigs" are starting to stroll
the door again. I love it when that happens because I hate twiddling
my thumbs as some of you may aleady know.

I'm on my way to a last minute shoot in Cambridge for the Lincoln
institute of land policy for 2nd time this month. Their director of
marketing,Anthony Flint, seems to be embracing the idea that the
Internet is the perfect outlet for videos of lecture & conferences.
Reelife has been producing for them for about 5 yrs.

alright. I need to cut this blog entry short.

tip#1: steering your car with your left knee, on the pike going 80mph
(on cruise control) while blogging from your iPhone is where I draw
the line!


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