Wednesday, March 25, 2009

status update #001a

- more an excercise in mental cleansing than a public service

- currently recording new lecture at Lincoln institute
of land policy

- preparing to launch new Reelife branch: extraordinary events
documentary film/video/slide preservation
(working a much sexier title). recorded audio demo of an audio clip
that will appear on new webpage dedicated to this new branch.

- added new section to Reelife's new home page- Projects/in progress.
so visitors can see what I'm up to on a day to day basis (not that
anyone really cares - or do they?)

- submitted a very exciting proposal for the production of a
performance documentary for a very well established Ballet company
that is looking to produce something for PBS or arts channel. stay

- I love "mobile me" - apple's "cloud" based server that allows for
access to files an photos etc from anywhere (including iPhone)

- I love Apple's iWeb software. It's allowed me to take over complete
control of Reelife
website... which, I might add, in my humble opinion, looks pretty darn

- I'm working in a new invention! for real. (as my best buddy dave
"carp" carpino used to say). It invloves an iPhone and a new iPhone
app called "auto cue". and that's all I'm gonna say for now. stay

ok. my brain has been cleansed. thanks for listening. ...


Tom Adams, Director/Owner
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