Thursday, September 16, 2010

my new facebook profile pic

What kind of world are we living in, where I feel the need to make a blog post about my new facebook profile pic?!

Am I a narcissistic freak for having such a burning desire to post something of this nature? Why o why do I feel compelled to fill my time with such wastefulness. I am truly perplexed but what drives me, and the thousands of the rest of you people out there in the digital stratosphere, and yes, especially YOU... to spend  the vital seconds of our very lives... connecting in such an unconnected and obtuse fashion. 

Oh, I feel as I must stop now, for the guilt of every punch of the keyboard key is a wasted moment... a moment that I could and should be spending working on videos that need editing (for work: riding my mountain bike through the glorious hills of western Massachusetts, or tinkering around the chicken coop or working on the tree fort or countless other more enriching activities. 

And yes, I know I am blessed to be living in a work/life situation that allows me such a flexible schedule. It is not that I don't work hard. I work hard and many hours but they are of the untraditional nature. I have not worked a nine-to-five job in over ten years...and dammit, I'm real proud of that & forever grateful that it has worked out so well, for so long. I'm blessed with an awesome wife and awesome kids and awesome pets and all that stuff. Life is good and I've gotta' remind myself that  I've worked hard to make it this way.

So,  I shall go ... I shall go now... far away from my computer.  

Of course, it won't be a long time until I return, again, to this fantastically smooth & comforting keyboard... however, my soul will be filled with the heartiness of the tangible, real, world. 

good bye for about three hours :)

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