Tuesday, September 14, 2010

yes, it's possible to be a social media "expert"

the following is an excerpt from an email that I recently wrote to an associate ... in regards to her continually asking me to make adjustments and changes to her nonprofit's youtube page. I think it's helpful for others to know that this is a billable service and just like anything else in life...if you happen to know more about the subject matter than someone else and they would like you to do work on it ....you're perfectly in-the-right if you ask them to pay for it ...especially if it's in your line of work...here's the edited content of my email: 
"There are many, many things you can do to improve the visibility of a youtube video and improve your youtube channel in general. And there's no question that it is like a maze, trying to figure out the ins and outs of youtube. As a media professional, I would need to charge for my time to continue helping you with this stuff. Please don't misunderstand...I would love to go on and on and help you figure it all out...but all his stuff - the digital world - is indeed my livelihood.

Like I mentioned in my last email,  I would be glad to continue as your "social media consultant" as this is one of the new services that Reelife is offering. I understand that you're a non-profit and volunteering is a vital part of the operation, etc. and I mean no disrespect to all the fantastic work you're doing....I'm just not in a position to volunteer more of my time...I hope you understand & would consider hiring me to improve your online presence. I'm really affordable and easy to work with - ask any of my other clients  :)

It's such a tangled web-we weave :) Feel free to call to talk more about it if you'd like...


*a recent facebook post at www.facebook.com/reelife:
Reelife is proud to announce the new service of social media coordinator • Your business or organization NEEDS to enter the global sphere of communication and you need to do it NOW! • Let Reelife develop and maintain a comprehensive social online existence ... Because you've got more important things to do ... Like run your business! Email Tom@reelifeproductions.com now - operators are standing by...

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