Friday, January 20, 2012

A New Video Production Tool

Reelife is the proud new owner of a new 39" Glidetrack! This baby is going to add a crucial new ingredient to the Reelife visual cookbook.

But what, you ask, is a Glidetrack and what does it do?

You've seen those smooth-as-silk dolly shots in films and TV shows, haven't you? They are done with a camera slider, or a set of bracketed tracks. The slider's moveable carriage attaches directly to the camera or is used with a tripod sandwiched between it and the camera for more angle options. The result is extremely high-end, compelling tracking shots that set up in seconds. As Sam Mallory reported in a review for equipment supplier B&H Video, "Tracking shots create a sense of movement, as if the camera was a passerby briefly peering at the subjects on screen."

Camera sliders can also be used for "reveal" shots... I'm sure you've seen them. The camera starts on a tight closeup of an object or person and then pulls back to put that object or person in context in the scene. This kind of shot helps tell the story or jazzes up an otherwise ordinary shot.

I'm psyched to use the Glidetrack in an upcoming shoot with Storey Publications. I'll let you know how it turns out.. or better yet, I'll post a sample soon!


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