Sunday, February 12, 2012

Another New Toy for Reelife!

Gotta love new technology! I downloaded the Blue FiRe 2 Pro iPhone app, a $6 thingy that turns my iPhone into a super high quality uncompressed audio hard disk recorder. The app will also let me see the accurate audio waveform in real-time.

I'll be using it for a crowd microphone for this afternoon's Rusty Nail reunion show at the Academy of Music. It's a two camera shoot with the HD digital SLR & the DX100 SD... load in to load out with backstage interviews, etc. When it's finished, there's the possibility that it will play on WGBY PBS. Pretty neato!

What's the Rusty Nail, you ask? Back in the ‘70s and ‘80s, the club of choice in the Valley was the Rusty Nail tucked amongst the tobacco fields of Sunderland. Some of the great local bands that created the core of the club are reuniting for this sold out show at the Academy... including Fat, Real Tears, the Mitch Chakour Band, and nearly all the members of Clean Living. It should be truly amazing!

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