Thursday, February 9, 2012

No Idle Hands Here!

As Prof. Harold Hill sang in the classic '60s musical, The Music Man, "Idle hands are the devil's playthings..." But there are no idle hands here at Reelife Productions, at least not today! Here's the Reelife To Do list-o-rama:
Story publishing Greenhorns book promo

  • Story publishing Rosemary Gladstar edit

  • Affordable Autoglass playback loop setup

  • MassDevelopment testimonial interviews
  • Emma Henderson audition video

  • ASAP awards edits

  • Woodbine Reshoot??

  • CRWC edit?

  • FoodBank edit

  • Harvard Program on Negotiations Forum
But that doesn't mean that there isn't always room for more (just like Jello!)... give us a call if you've got a video project in mind!

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