Thursday, January 30, 2014

Reelife Productions' director Tom Adams interview in the Village Voice

Thanks to Hilary Hughes... for the nice and lengthy, accurate and thorough article in the Village Voice!…about the Neil Young Carnegie Hall crowd-sourced concert at I put together...

and to quote the man himself...
"Don't want no cash
Don't need no money
Ain't got no stash
This note's for you."

EXCERPT: "When Tom Adams brought his camera to Neil Young's performance at Carnegie Hall earlier this month, he didn't capture it on an iPhone or a piece of machinery that's worth more than three months' rent. He grabbed a camera before he left the house, double-checked to make sure the batteries were charged, and brought it along with him knowing full well that he might not be able to bring it into the venue. He did, and he didn't spend the show--Young's first at the storied concert hall in 41 years--becoming the flash-popping enemy of the people sitting next to him. He put the camera on the floor, trained its lens to shoot in between the bannisters in the railing before him, and hit record. And he wasn't alone…"


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