Thursday, January 23, 2014

Reelife's Crowd Sourced Concert Film of Neil Young at Carnegie Hall 1/7/14 - Hitting the big time!

This has been a whole lotta' fun watching this concert film that I shot and edited with the help of some additional, incredible video and audio that I "found on the internet"… getting so much love...

I spoke with reporter John Jurgensen from The Wall Street Journal yesterday about crowd-sourced videos and the current state of online streaming, etc. and today I see that Slate has posted an article, and yesterday Steve Silberman from Wired shared the video… it's really fun to see the gospel of Neil being spread so far and wide.

Here's the Slate post

…and, well of course, none of this would be happening if Neil's performance wasn't so absolutely stunning in the first place...

So, here's the 2hr concert film… grab some popcorn and your beverage of choice… and enjoy!

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